Founded by Jahbour Blackburn was created in 2000 during a time when musical talent saturated his hometown, but also during a time when very little resorces were offered to artists in order to create and promote their music. The label structured its services with one thing in mind...give people a chance for their voice to be heard in a creative way in order to make a big impact within the community. As the label's intentions became widley known, new outlets were created in order to keep up with high demands within the music industry. 
In early 2004, "multi nation Records" created a department for high definition video production for projects such as music videos and documentaries. As time progressed, the label figured out new ways to become more involved with the community. By late 2008, the label extended its services to businesses around Central Florida for the production of televised commercials. Currently, the label works in collaboration with widely known and highly respectable companies such as "Comcast Spotlight", the advertising sales division of "Comcast Cable" and "Star Talent Events", a Central company for professional vedios, shows, plays, partys and a wide world of entertainment (multi lynk entertainment). 
Production Designer: Jahbour Blackburn

"It's not where you come from, are what nation but: where you are going in life that counts." The record label name is a constant reminder that no matter what kind of an environment that a person was raised in or what has happened in their life, you are in control of what happens in your future. 

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